Crossroads focuses on the core western European real estate markets in which it is targeting income producing opportunities. Leveraging on its proprietary origination and hands-on asset management, Crossroads aims to deliver to investors high risk-adjusted returns. 



The Crossroads Platform

Crossroads Real Estate (Europe) Limited acts as the investment advisor to the Crossroads European Real Estate Fund and other significant sources of capital for real estate investment opportunities throughout Europe.  Launched in 2015 as an institutional European real estate vehicle, the Crossroads European Real Estate fund invests in various asset classes and real estate derivatives combined with operating businesses that are largely heavily asset-backed, such as light industrial, hotels, retail and co-working.  Headquartered in Luxembourg, Crossroads is largely focused on Germany and The Netherlands.  It also holds investments in Italy, Spain, Belgium and Austria.  Since inception, Crossroads has generated an exposure to approximately €950 million of European real estate assets and more than 65 properties on behalf of its various investors.